The what if? series for clinicians

The legal process surrounding claims and the regulatory process involving clinicians can be unfamiliar and daunting. In many cases clinicians are facing the legal process for the first time. BLM has created a series of six short videos and FAQ documents to help clinicians gain a better understanding of what is involved in the following circumstances.

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What if I'm referred to an Interim Orders Tribunal (IOT)?

Watch now to learn:

What an Interim Orders Tribunal (IOT) is for

What happens at an IOT hearing

The types of cases referred to the IOT

Information that is made available to the IOT

What orders the IOT can make


What if I'm involved in an inquest?

Watch now to learn:

What an inquest is

Who will be present at an inquest and who will ask questions

Who interested persons are and why they would be in attendance

What happens at the end of an inquest

What a regulation 28 report and a paragraph 37 letter is

What an article 2 inquest is and how this differs to a normal inquest

What if I’m asked to go to the police station?

Watch now to learn:

What to do if the police contact you and ask to speak with you

The process of police interviews

What a duty solicitor is and how they can help

What is likely to happen when the interview is over

How long it can take for the police to make a decision to charge you

Whether you are likely to be able to continue to practice


What if I’m involved in a trial?

Watch now to learn:

What a Civil Court is and who decides the case in the Civil Court

Who the key players in a Civil Court trial are

How the court is set up and what facilities are available

The general running order of a Civil Trial

How to prepare for cross-examination Who experts are and their role in the proceedings


What if I’m involved in a claim?

Watch now to learn:

If a claim affects registration status and if there can be criminal sanctions

What proof of breach of duty and injury or loss means

What happens at the start of a claim and what the purpose of a letter of claim and letter of response is

What will happen if a claimant persists with a claim after the defence has been served

How settlement can be achieved and what happens if parties cannot agree on the level of damages


What if I’m asked to provide evidence?

Watch now to learn:

What disclosure is and how it impacts on you and your obligations to the court

Preparation of witness statements, who for and the factual disputes of the claim

What expert evidence is and how it is used

Duty of experts and their general role in the process


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