Jacob Broughton


  • I specialise in property damage claims and insurance cover.
  • The UK insurance industry paid out approximately £6.2 billion in property-based insurance claims in 2019, according to ABI data. As a lawyer, I specialise in defending these property (domestic and commercial) based insurance claims and seeking recovery of insurance payments from liable parties, whether liable to an insured or insurer. 
  • I am also a member of BLM’s Policy Indemnity Unit and regularly provide policy coverage advice.  
  • I deal with claims caused by damage from the full remit of insured perils (e.g. flood, fire, escape of water, impact etc) but have been involved in a number of high value and complex vegetation-induced subsidence claims involving injunctive relief and multi-party claims involving, coverage, liability and recovery aspects.


  • I am an Associate Member of the Chartered Institute of Managers (ACMI). 

Contact Details

+44 161 819 3279