Grainne Fahy


  • I practice in all aspects of private family law, including divorce, financial remedies, private children matters, financial provision for children, domestic abuse, trust of land matters, cohabitation agreements, separation agreements, nuptial agreements and enforcement of consent orders.
  • My specialisms and focus to date have been on matrimonial and non-matrimonial finances and applications to permanently relocate abroad with children.
  • My clients are high net worth individuals with wealth in the region of £4-£60 million. They range from heads of international corporations and British nobility to silver separators and business professionals.
  • My cases always have an international element, including overseas assets, pensions, employment and clients/opponents who live abroad.
  • I have a strong reliable network of independent financial advisors, wealth managers, pension experts, forensic accountants, tax experts and lawyers in multiple jurisdictions.
  • I frequently write blogs and articles on topical family law matters, including Today's Family Lawyer, Downtown in Business, and Parent Time.


  • I am a partner and head of family law in London and the South East.
  • I have practised family law exclusively since 2005.
  • I was an equity partner in a London law firm before joining BLM.
  • I am a fellow of the prestigious International Academy of Family Lawyers (IAFL), a worldwide association of family lawyers who are recognised by their peers as the most experienced and skilled family law specialists in their respective countries.
  • I am accredited with Resolution, with specialisms in complex financial remedies and private children law.
  • I will be a Resolution-qualified mediator by the end of 2021.


  • Acting for an intervenor in the reported Court of Appeal case of Attorney General & Akhter, Khan and others [2020] EWCA Civ 122 concerning the validity of Islamic marriages.
  • Acting for the wife in the reported Court of Appeal case of Abbassi v Abbassi [2006] regarding the validity of Islamic divorce.
  • Litigated and represented a wife and lawyer in financial remedy proceedings where assets exceed £60 million.
  • Represented a ‘silver separator’ in financial remedy proceedings who divorced 20 years ago. Assets exceeded £8 million and comprised of multiple plots of farmland with significant development potential.
  • Litigated and represented a husband and Senior VP of a multinational company in divorce and financial remedy proceedings with significant post-separation accrual, complex bonus and share structures and assets exceeding £8 million.
  • Litigated and represented applicant mothers in their applications to permanently relocate abroad with their children. Countries include New Zealand, Canada and Greece. In one such case, the mother was unsuccessful in her first application and appeal but was successful in her second application.
  • Represented a ‘silver separator’ who had been married for over 15 years and who lost litigation capacity at a crucial stage in the proceedings.
  • Litigated and represented a house-wife in financial remedy proceedings where assets exceeded £32 million in three continents.  
  • Represented a ‘silver separator’ and carer whose husband was terminally ill with just months left to live. In-depth consideration was given to the wife’s potential claims under the Inheritance Act.
  • Litigated under civil proceedings and ultimately settled a complex Trust of Land matter involving 27  properties with a value of £12 million.
  • Litigated and represented a claimant in a same-sex Trust of Land dispute, with 100% costs awarded.
  • Litigated and represented an applicant in an interim account application, with 100% costs awarded.
  • Litigated and represented a wife in section 37 Matrimonial Causes Act 1973 disposition of land case in North Wales concerning plots of land with fracking potential, with 100% of costs awarded


  • Fellow of the International Association of Family Lawyers.
  • Member of Resolution.
  • Specialist Resolution accredited lawyer in complex Financial Remedies on divorce.
  • Specialist Resolution accredited lawyer in Private Children Law.
  • Member of Women in Family Law.
  • Member of the Cooperation Ireland committee.
  • Involved in the London Irish Lawyers Association.
  • The Family department at BLM won the European Legal Awards in December 2019.

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+44 20 7865 3397


"I have used BLM to assist with my divorce; things were dragging on until I instructed Grainne and Yasmin to assist with the matter. Their efficient responses and sound advice have enabled me to conclude a matter that was taking years, in a relatively short space of time. I would certainly recommend BLM, Grainne and Yasmin for any family law legal matters and wouldn't hesitate to use them again in the future."

Divorce and Finance Client - February 2021

"I was going through a very difficult separation and Grainne and Yasmin were amazing!They were quick to respond and extremely efficient and professional throughout.They got me an excellent result and I couldn't be more grateful or happier!"

Children Act client - January 2021

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