David Caswell


  • I am head of the claims solutions business stream, with responsibility for the quality of products, service delivery and performance of the claims solution business stream at BLM, which includes the work of almost 300 lawyers engaged in the delivery of solutions for our clients across casualty, motor, fraud, claims management services, costs and volume recovery.
  • My litigation practice is focused upon the defence of serious and catastrophic injury claims, assisting our clients to repudiate the claims or minimise their indemnity spend where a settlement is required.  I acted on behalf of the successful defendant in the Court of Appeal in Macsalvors v Brush Transformers, a precedent setting decision upon the scope of the Construction Plant Association (CPA) conditions of hire.
  • I also chair the Innovations Group at BLM focused upon Analytics and Automation products for the benefit of our clients.
  • I qualified in 2001, having been a trainee with BLM. I became a partner in the Manchester office in 2006.


Head of BLM's Claims Solutions Business Stream

Chair of BLM's Innovations Group

Contact Details

+44 161 838 6833