Claire Lawlor


  • I am a partner in the Manchester disease team and have over 25 years of personal injury litigation experience.
  • I specialise predominately in short-tail occupational disease namely cumulative back injuries, work-related upper limb disorders, occupational asthma, dermatitis, and stress/bullying in the workplace. I also specialise in claims concerning food poisoning, food allergies, housing disrepair, carbon monoxide poisoning and EL/PL transmission of infectious diseases.
  • I am the lead of BLM's COSHH Subject Matter Group, one of a number of SMGs which ensure the development and sharing of in-depth and market-leading subject matter expertise.
  • I have been involved in large number of in-house and external client training sessions and contribute to BLM publications upon short-tail disease topics and tactics including QOCS and fundamental dishonesty/fraud issues.
  • I work directly with a number of policyholders including food manufacturers/retailers on claim prevention, improving internal procedures and floodgate management most recently in relation COVID 19 claims and the impact of this upon other short-tail disease risks/claims.

Contact Details

+44 161 838 6971