Alison Siniver


  • I have specialised in claims against professionals for 15 years, primarily dealing with those against accountants, IFAs, solicitors, and construction professionals. I have also acted in the past for insurers on product liability claims, and claims against pension trustees liability insurance.  
  • In recent years I have specialised in claims against professionals relating to tax relief and avoidance schemes including group litigation relating to film finance and other collective investment schemes. I am also seeing claims related to disguised remuneration schemes (EBT, EFRBs and contractor loan claims).
  • I have recently advised solicitors on loss of chance claims relating to corporate transactions and ancillary relief proceedings. I advised on a £12 million loss of chance claim against a firm of solicitors arising out of a commercial litigation; the claim was settled at mediation for less than £1 million.  
  • I have also advised a firm on a misuse of private information claim (dealt with in conjunction with an ICO prosecution). 
  • In addition to general claims work, I provide updates on new legislation and government consultations relating to tax avoidance and provide risk management advice to accountants.


  • Interface Europe Limited v Premier Hank Dyers Limited and Airedale [2014] EWHC 2610 (QB)
  • AON Pension Trustees Ltd v MCP Pension Trustees Limited [2010] EWCA Civ 377

Contact Details

+44 121 234 6148