Alexandra Payne


  • I qualified as a solicitor in September 2011 and joined BLM in February 2013.
  • I specialise in road traffic accident litigation, with particular expertise in claims pursued under the Road Traffic Act, Article 75 and the Uninsured and Untraced Drivers' Agreements.
  • I act for a number of insurers and the MIB in handling cases of the utmost severity, managing all aspects of those claims. Those cases include serious brain injury, spinal cord injury, chronic pain and complex orthopaedic injury, and also include complex technical arguments on liability, MIB liability including clause 8 arguments (knowledge of lack of insurance), illegality and ex turpi causa, meaningful degree, causation, etc.
  • I have a specific interest in the changes regarding the Deregulation Act, the Uninsured Drivers' Agreement and revised Article 75. 


  • FOIL Champion for BLM
  • Member of BLM's expert subject matter group on severe brain injuries
  • Member of BLM's expert subject matter group on socio-economics and finance
  • Member of BLM's policy indemnity unit 

Contact Details

+44 161 838 6852