The impact of making COVID vaccines mandatory

22 Mar 2021

The nationwide rollout of the COVID-19 vaccines is pressing ahead. Whilst the life changing impact of the ground breaking programme won't be known for some time, it has made many headlines that some firms are making it a mandatory requirement for their staff to have a vaccine. But what impact will this decision have on insurance?

The vaccine is a voluntary decision but what will happen if firms address existing employment contracts and also bridge the gap with new starters to make it an employment requirement saying they will not employ someone if they are not vaccinated?

Raising the issue of making COVID-19 and occupational disease, BLM's Chris Fletcher has spoken to Insurance Post. He says, "The inclusion of specific conditions relating to adherence of COVID-safe guidance and risk assessment may provide insurers with some arguments where employers have not taken appropriate steps, although mapping policyholder actions against guidance will be a complex exercise, given the number and frequency of updating changes to regulations and official guidelines."

Will we see enforcement action?

Chris continues, "Tactically, given the enforcement action may well at least initially precede civil claims, insurers may wish to maintain such cover for COVID-related enforcement action rather than seeking to exclude it in the basis that this allows the retention of some control in the very early stages in an area which has the potential for mass claims activity."

To read the full article and more of Chris' thought, please click here to be redirected to Insurance Post (subscription required).

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