Steve Kuncewicz on 'kidfluencers' at risk in The Telegraph

23 Sep 2019

In a recent Telegraph article, the Children's Commissioner has warned YouTube "kidfluencers" are at risk of exploitation and has called for young social media stars to be given legal protections.

Anne Longfield said she is concerned that children as young as four and five, who are performing regularly in social media videos and earning millions for their parents, are vulnerable to becoming “overworked, tired and miserable”.

Her comments come following the rise in recent years of child influencers, known as kidfluencers, who are now commanding huge audiences and advertising revenues on sites such as YouTube and Instagram.

BLM partner specialising in social media law Steve Kuncewicz spoke to The Telegraph and said it was unclear if the protections extended to kidfluencers as the parents had often set up the social media accounts so are technically the user.

He said the duty could place a responsibility on sites like YouTube to not encourage parents to publish endless videos by rewarding such behaviour with their recommendation algorithms.

“Does that algorithm keep them safe? I think that will be a big issue for them.”

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