Review of the year 2020 - Claims

30 Dec 2020

Senior Partner Matthew Harrington alongside other senior industry professionals, shares his views of 2020's highs and lows in the claims sector with InsurancePOST

What was the high point of 2020 for the claims sector?

"It has to be the collective response across the sector to the lockdown restrictions imposed by Covid-19 and the speed of moving to a remote working model. The industry responded really impressively to this challenge, ensuring the majority of staff could work from home effectively from March while delivering projects swiftly. The pace at which this happened for all of us was extraordinary and there was added pressure on insurers to maintain service levels for customer."

What claim has had the biggest impact and why?

"The ramifications of the business interruption test case brought by the FCA could go far beyond the technicalities of the selected policy wording and could present a huge reputational challenge for the insurance industry as a whole. Standing back a little, the test case and the FCA's work on dual pricing might be indications that the regulator is moving towards a more interventionist approach in GI cases."

Who had a good year?

"Perhaps surprisingly, the Court Service - in the higher levels of the civil system, at least. A great example of what worked well was the FCA BI test case, involving 30 counsel and five judges over a four-day fully remote hearing in the Supreme Court in November."

If 2020 was a film, song, game - what would it be?

"Song - At times we've had to channel Monty Python and Always Look on the Bright Side of Life but in reality as an industry, we've had to respond, adapt and dig deep in the face of Covid-19 because quite frankly, The Show Must Go On as Queen would say."

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