BLM Mental Health Toolkit

Work-related stress and mental ill health claims are increasing. We know there is a four-fold reason for an organisation to protect staff's mental health: moral, reputational, economic and legal. The teams at CBT Clinics* and BLM are on the forefront of managing employee mental health and its impact on businesses and have joined forces to connect the dots between the clinical, legal and risk management of mental health in the workplace. Combining BLM's personal injury and employment law expertise with CBT Clinics' specialism in the personal injury and rehab market, our Mental Health Toolkit provides the complete legal, risk and rehab package of diagnostic tools, training courses, support and advice.

Who is the toolkit for?

The risk, rehab and legal toolkit is for any company that wants a flexible approach to managing employee mental wellbeing and to reduce the risk of costly claims. It has been built to support organisations in getting ahead of managing those risks and provides a package of resources aimed at reducing mental health distress and driving up performance and productivity.

Toolkit clients can choose to access a range of diagnostic tools to detect issues early on, a range of training courses to prevent issues, legal support and advice in relation to claims, as well as resources to promote ongoing employee mental wellbeing. Three alternate tiers of support enable businesses to pick a package that corresponds to their size of business, needs and budget.

How do I find out more information?

Our toolkit brochure details the packages and how it works in practice for you. We will follow up with you to see if you need any further information after downloading the brochure, the contact details of the CBT Clinics and BLM leads are on the brochure for you as well. 


Toolkit brochure

Download our toolkit brochure by filling in the form below:

Supporting resources

In December 2020, CBT Clinics & BLM ran a webinar to discuss all the key considerations of business leaders and hr professionals in managing employee mental health. Why not take a look at the on-demand session of A Leader's toolkit: Mental Health in the workplace now.

*CBT Clinics are a best-in-class provider of end- to-end organisational mental health and wellbeing solutions. They are a leading provider in the personal injury and rehab market and work with a number of high-profile PMI providers and corporate clients. Their services include:

  • Workforce screening to detect mental health issues
  • Training for staff and managers as well as evidence-based therapy services delivered through a team of in-house clinicians and a national network of high quality and trusted therapists.

The team has a reputation for clinical excellence and for delivering exceptional clinical outcomes.  They have an industry-leading clinical governance and safeguarding structure, supported by a programme of continued digital innovation