Research, Education and Development

RED is a philosophical engine, combining expertise knowledge and thought leadership to enable BLM to deliver an unrivalled Risk & Insurance service.

When agenda-shifting legal issues arise you need to be equipped with the most trustworthy information. Benefiting from having the finest legal, policy and regulatory minds within BLM we already carefully consider and share our expertise on every topic. But RED exists to take this thinking to a whole new level. It researches and considers subjects from every perspective and reviews every facet bringing “edge of radar” thinking and education to the topic. Those using it benefit from distinctive, industry-leading knowledge, delivered with a clarity that guarantees having the best insight to ensure the right long term decisions are made.

Our RED campaigns showcase expert thinking upon industry-changing, sector-wide issues – they are the major, standout issues for our customers and industry influencers.

Research connotes a depth of thinking and longevity of commitment

Education both internal and external training and a commitment to adding value to our relationship with our customers

Development a commitment and ability to change and influence the law

BLM's RED blog provides the latest information and expert analysis on these issues.