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The impact of health and safety compliance and regulation has been brought into very sharp focus since the introduction of the Health and Safety, Corporate Manslaughter and Food Safety and Hygiene Sentencing Guidelines in February 2016. They have been a game-changer and are described by many as the most significant change to health and safety legislation in over 40 years.

Fines and penalties under the guidelines are based on:

  • The culpability of the organisation, ranging from very high to low
  • The harm category, meaning the harm caused, as well as a new development being the risk of harm posed. The consideration of a fine is based on the degree of culpability and harm inflicted in the offence, as the fines vary hugely in some cases
  • The size of business is also a key factor, as the fines increase based on the size of the business. Large businesses (a turnover of £50 million plus) can face fines of up to £10 million for the most serious health and safety offences. Corporate manslaughter fines could reach up to £20 million

With this fast moving and bold new landscape, it is more important than ever that organisations recognise the need for awareness and management of safety at all levels.

To support awareness of the fines and penalties across all organisations, we have developed our Sentencing Tracker, which provides information on the health and safety fines imposed on businesses' since February 2016. To find out more, please click here.

We also provide a 24/7 Crisis Connection emergency helpline and have offices nationwide, allowing our lawyers to attend an incident once it has occurred, often the same day. We provide immediate legal advice and representation from the very first indication of an investigation, through to advising clients under arrest for criminal offences. The team have considerable experience of working in highly pressurised environments, with many of our health and safety lawyers having dual regulatory and civil practice.

Whatever the regulatory and legal risks affecting our clients, our focus is constant and consistent: mitigating loss, minimising business disruption, controlling costs and protecting reputations.

Our Sentencing Guidelines hub will provide you with a wealth of information to help you with any regulatory and legal risk query or issue.

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