International Desk

Members of our international network will have instant access to our International Desk.

The Desk provides:

  • Membership access to BLM’s international insurance legal centre of excellence
  • Exclusive use of the BLM facilities at the heart of the London Insurance market in EC3
  • Access to legal international insurance events, seminars and training
  • Regular updates of legal insurance policy news, blogs and hot topics
  • Access to our leading advisers, intelligence and teams in insurance and risk law

In creating our International Desk, our customers will have global access to leading insurance lawyers.

We are:

  • Extending our international network in handling high profile cases
  • Working with independent insurance legal firms throughout the world
  • Even closer to where our customers do business we are formalising our international expertise
  • Providing customers with the best advice in their mother tongue
  • Providing customers with access to leading local intelligence and legal global expertise

Further details:

Contact us at: