Global Insurance Law network

BLM has an existing strong remit of international work and contacts, representing UK companies operating abroad, acting for a breadth of international organisations and handling high profile multijurisdictional cases.

We have created a Global Insurance Law network comprising like-minded risk and insurance law businesses. Firms from across the globe are invited to join our insurance network, with access to an International Desk led by a team of specialists operating at the heart of the London insurance market at Plantation Place. Find out more about how you can join our network by clicking here.

The international network provides customers with global seamless solutions, supporting international companies transacting in the UK, as well as UK companies operating overseas. Our mission is to help those customers with saving time and money, reducing risk, resolving disputes and managing claims. It does this by providing solutions that are clear and concise; delivering a service that is consistent and reliable; and building connected relationships that are strong and enduring.

Our team of over 200 partners and more than 800 legal specialists have established a market leading reputation in the risk and insurance market, recognised for having the capability, creativity and energy to bring new and novel approaches to the sector.  The firm regularly handles work with an international dimension, representing UK companies operating abroad, acting for international organisations or handling multi-jurisdictional cases.

Join us on our journey as we establish ourselves as one of the leading insurance and risk law specialists in the world.

BLM's Global Insurance Law network team

Jim Sherwood, Chairman and Partner

Chris Fletcher, Partner

Julian Smart, Partner

More information

For more information on our international network please contact: Nicola Lynch.