Fake BLM website and fraud warning

Fake replica BLM website

It has been brought to our attention that a fake BLM website has been created using our branding and content, with a slight variant on the URL (web address).

We have alerted the necessary authorities who are working to resolve this issue but should you come across this site or be contacted by someone using an alternative address via email or any other means please email compliance@blmlaw.com immediately. All authentic BLM communications will come from an email in the following format firstname.surname@blmlaw.com  Our website address is www.blmlaw.com


If you receive an email with details of our bank account so that you can pay us money, always telephone us to confirm the bank details using a telephone number you already know, not any number quoted in the email. This is because the email may be from a fraudster, not from us, and the bank account details may be false. Criminals have been known to intercept genuine emails from solicitors and forward them on with the bank details changed, so however authentic the email looks you must not rely on it. In the same way, if you send us bank details by email we will always phone you to check before we send money to you.