Disciplinary investigations and hearings


We are a specialist team of defence lawyers and regularly advise healthcare professionals facing disciplinary investigations by their employers, whether the case relates to alleged misconduct or alleged poor clinical practice.

Local disciplinary investigations come under a range of procedural rules and frameworks, including:

  • Hospital Trust investigations under Maintaining High Professional Standards in the Modern NHS (MHPS)
  • Investigations of GPs or dentists by NHS England under the Performers List Regulations
  • Private hospital investigations

Facing a disciplinary investigation of this nature can be stressful and daunting; we take time to carefully explain the procedure to you and advise you as to what you can expect throughout the process. For example, there is often provision within disciplinary policies for temporary exclusion from work, or restrictions being put on your practice until the investigation has been completed.

We have built up good relationships with many healthcare employers, and the BMA; we are known for our practical and straightforward advice and ability to negotiate agreements where appropriate. We have years of experience in dealing with this type of investigation and will ensure that your employer acts fairly and follows proper processes, allowing you an opportunity to present your side of the case.

In addition, we regularly represent professionals at interim or final disciplinary hearings and advise on the impact of disciplinary action on your future career and prospects. We take a holistic view and can advise on the interplay between local investigations and the risks of referral to your regulator, the coroner or the police.

Disciplinary investigations and hearings Team

Adam Weston

Adam Weston