Ben FitzHugh


  • As Director of Intelligence I manage the intelligence function within BLM and am responsible for overseeing the work and development of the intelligence team.
  • I work directly alongside the fraud practice group.
  • I run a team of intelligence analysts that assist the fraud team by providing specialist intelligence to assist them in prosecuting and defending fraudulent claims.
  • I assist general insurance, local authorities and corporates clients with the implementation and development of intelligence based investigations and investigation strategies.
  • I have been working as an intelligence analyst for 17 years, previously working for West Midlands and North Wales Police forces. Dealing with the gathering and interpreting information and intelligence in all areas of crime to include fraud.
  • I work alongside the strategists on the fraud ring work assisting them with the collation and analysis of intelligence.
  • I'm skilled in the provision of witness evidence and have given oral evidence in both Criminal and Civil courts on large network frauds.

Significant Cases

  • I regularly provide intelligence and evidential support to ongoing civil matters. As well as this I'm also experienced in assisting with the building of criminal cases to prosecute fraud in the criminal courts. I have provided evidence in a number of landmark cases including Operation Genarch which resulted in the conviction of 27 people found guilty of defrauding a large communications company. The fraud surrounded the staging of motor and injury claims in which commercial fleet vehicles were used. This investigation resulted in the conviction of a large claims farmer, employees of the communications company and also claimants.
  • I was also instrumental in the conviction of two individuals at Liverpool Crown Court in the first ever Private Prosecution in the Travel industry. The case resulted in deterrent prison sentences being given to two individuals found to have attempted to defraud Thomas Cook. .

Contact Details

+44 121 633 6664

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