BLM publishes MOJ RTA portal analysis

21 May 2015

BLM has published an analysis of the data captured within the Ministry of Justice RTA portal.

The full report can be accessed here.

Key conclusions from the Portal date include:

  • April saw the number of CNFs sent fall back to 73,000 from over 81,000 in March.
  • Statistically the volume of CNFs sent by claimant organisations in 2014/15 increased by 94,983 cases or 12.3%.
  • The total CNFs for 2014/15 therefore reached the upper limit of our projection last month of 866,000.
  • The higher volume of CNFs has increased the volume of Stage 1 exits, but relative to the CNF increase, it appears that insurers have improved Stage 1 retentions by 1.2% like for like.
  • Stage 2 exits for inability to agree quantum or for incompleteness have also increased, but the actual number of claims involved is marginal at 846 and the % relative to the total number of CNFs sent is only fractionally less at 1.5%. In effect no change.
  • The number of claims using the Exit Process has also increased, by 10.6%, but again the % change relative to the total number of CNFs sent is marginal (0.4%). A slight improvement.
  • Stage 2 settlements are down by 17,906 despite the higher volume of CNFs. As a percentage of the CNFs received the decrease is 5.5%.
  • No time limit is placed on movement from Stage 2 to Stage 3. While the actual number of claims still in the process has increased by over 45%, the % increase relative to the number of CNFs received is 5.1%, suggesting improved processes. Litigation has not demonstrably increased.
  • Most striking is the increase to the average number of MOJ Stage 3 packs issued monthly, up by 96.5% compared to last year, and an increase to 4.4% of the total number of CNFs sent.
  • There continues to be a number of positives for insurers in this data.
  • Stage 2 exits for quantum reasons are essentially static and although Stage 3 packs indicate litigation, it is of the cost controlled kind.
  • The issue remains the extent to which the increased number of claims still between Stage 2 and Stage 3 settle or fall out of the process completely.


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