Criminal Defence Hub

How to protect yourself and your organisation from and during criminal investigations and prosecutions.

Should you or your organisation require advice to minimise the risk of criminal prosecutions, or need representation during a criminal investigation, our specialist criminal defence team has the expertise to assist and represent your best interests.

Investigations by regulators and enforcement agencies can result in the imposition of substantial fines and risk imprisonment. With such high stakes, you need a Criminal Defence Team that can deliver the right advice and best representation.

Having BLM on your side means access to a team of experts who can handle both business critical and highly sensitive personal matters. With the depth of our resources we can quickly deliver a defence team that operates across all UK jurisdictions and disciplines. Whatever the regulatory and legal risks you may be facing, our focus is consistently on mitigating loss, minimising business disruption, while controlling costs, protecting your reputation and your liberty.

Our UK-wide presence and 24 hour helpline means our specialist lawyers are available 24/7 when emergency criminal defence services are required.


The team

Kerris Dale
Bob Davies
Adam Weston