Know Your Opponent (KYO) is fast becoming the must-have knowledge, and is a key way of reducing spend and protecting reputations.

BLMi, our KYO offering, helps you understand the personnel and personalities within claimant firms, the experts they instruct and others supporting the claims. In addition, we will provide you with targeted strategies to sit alongside this insight. 

Having a handle on your opponent

As considerable change affects the legal landscape - and specifically, the process of pursuing claims - it has never been more important to have a handle on your opponent and their modus operandi. 

With the traditional firms exiting the market, moving into more profitable areas, creating one-stop shops, or developing unions between multiple firms, it is a must to keep abreast of new entrants and monitor changes in behaviour of key protagonists in order to develop intelligence and insight. 

Not having an understanding of what is going on can have numerous repercussions, including increased indemnity spend, a potential lack of scrutiny on claims where there is known insight and an increase in the risk of fraud, which may lead to unnecessary fraud leakage. 

The old adage of knowledge is power is never truer. If you have a developed view of the opposition then you will be able to develop strategies to defend claims presented by them.  

Expert analysis. Directed insight.

BLMi, our dedicated Know Your Opponent capability, brings together expert analysis from Partners and Data Analysts, producing regular and directed insight into the key protagonists operating within the claims and legal supply chains across all areas of the general insurance market. We offer strategic input into your key opponents and will suggest strategies you can use against them.  

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