BLM Innovations

Smart new tools from experienced legal minds.

We’re offering our clients the best of both worlds. The experience of an established law firm, and the smart solutions of BLM Innovations.

We combine cutting-edge case management, communication and analytics tools to improve our outcomes and help our clients with their business challenges. To find out more about our Innovation tools, watch our video below:

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So much in claims comes down to establishing who is at fault. Now Foresight can make that decision a lot easier. Using a questionnaire approach, this explainable AI system takes account of the strength of evidence on either side to predict the fault in a claim. Supporting – but not replacing – claims handlers, it suggests what might happen in the future, whilst also potentially helping all parties reach a settlement sooner rather than later. Click our flyer to the right to download and learn more.

Enabling you to understand potential exposure to those organisations or enablers that are suspected of presenting fraudulent claims is key to protecting your organisation and policyholders. You can now gain insight into those suspicious entities who may pose a fraud risk to you. Insurance fraud is nothing new, however as the industry environment changes insight into the route to market and the associated threats is ever more important. The ability to track and measure previous exposure to these suspicious entities and the ultimate outcomes will enable you to align your business strategies in order achieve the optimum outcome and success.

Any trial is a risk, but Pathfinder can offer a better idea of what might be ahead. Pathfinder helps to better forecast possible outcomes at trial. Combining decision trees and statistical analysis to predict a range of scenarios, from best to worst – even weighing up possible settlement figures against the overall cost. Pathfinder can provide assistance in making a statistically-backed decision early in the case, to avoid a potentially expensive wrong decision later on. Click our flyer to the right to download and learn more.

Communication is everything in law, and Forum is the digital conferencing tool that can connect everything and everyone, at your fingertips. Accessed via desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone, it offers video links with anyone involved in a case. Forum also enables the sharing of online material and a number of document formats, which can be edited live in the meeting. Click our flyer to the right to download and learn more.

Every legal case involves a lot of paperwork. Collaborate creates a single online space where all this information can be accessed and uploaded with a click. This secure virtual legal environment can host a wealth of reference and case information. As well as being a comprehensive library, clients can get together to share and discuss information relevant to their business. Click our flyer to the right to download and learn more.

Searchlight, our business intelligence tool, captures a wealth of claims data and cost analyses, so our clients can enjoy immediate and secure access to the information they need, not to mention the guidance and experience of a law firm with a century of experience behind it. Click our flyer to the right to download and learn more.

Things can change all the time as a legal case progresses, but Realtime makes it easy to stay on top of developments. It’s an online portal offering live access to case data, financial information and legal documents. Clients feel more connected as they can see any relevant data on-demand and send messages to the claims handler. Meanwhile, everyone on the case team can access the latest version of any document. Click our flyer to the right to download and learn more.

We believe Smartcase will make handling large personal injury cases more efficient and cost effective. It is a concept which brings together a project management approach to cases, enabled by a number of technologies. It allows us to better plan and execute the varied tasks associated with such claims, and to enhance interactions between all participants. Collaboration tools, quantum management software, document management and risk analysis all combine with the structure of the project-style approach to deliver better and faster outcomes. Click our flyer to the right to download and learn more.

*Access to these tools in Scotland and Ireland will vary. Please speak to your BLM client relationship partner for more information.