BLM Consult

At BLM we recognise that our markets, and that of our clients are changing significantly. Any response to change needs to be equally as dynamic. Our BLM Consult team has been created from a combination of lawyers, change consultants and lean practitioners, from a wide range of industry sectors, who can work collaboratively with you to help you on your own change journeys.

We can help by:

  • Helping you identify the root cause of problems and suggest improvement measures to your processes to increase efficiencies.
  • Upskilling your own teams, by providing training in Lean change techniques.
  • Supporting your managers and operators with the change transition and realise the benefit of their change in process.


Collective Problem Solving Workshop 1-2 Days

A rapid change “Kaizen” event where a specific problem area is selected and a collaborative, cross business working party identify and implement solutions to deliver collective change. This concept works well on cross-organisational processes to improve our collaborative performances.

Lean Process Improvement Training 1-5 Days

Lean training, covering basic principles through to full Lean DMAIC change cycle. Geared around your needs, this could be anything from a 1 day course to a full weeks worth of training.

Solution Identification & Delivery 2-8 Weeks

This type of engagement addresses a related group of process issues and would require structured and in-depth analysis and engagement. Usually up to 8 weeks duration dependent on scope and complexity.

Management & Business Coaching

Coaching & mentoring to those in management positions to help them better manage their teams or department, drawing on the experiences of the BLM team.

All of our offerings are supported by a team, whose expertise and knowledge of combined management, coaching and mentoring expertise which includes Lean Black and Green belts, ex Consulting environments, Operational Leadership roles and Legal. We can support your team members as they start their own journeys within Lean management, Operations and Legal Expertise  


The Team 

Adrian Spencer
Director of Business Services & Improvement
Hannah Llywelyn-Davis
Head of Process Improvement
John McPartland
Senior Operations Manager

Who to contact

Adrian Spencer
Hannah Llywelyn-Davis
Head of Process Improvement



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