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A wide range of UK businesses have been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic resulting from related shutdowns, curfews and workforce challenges.

As businesses look towards life after the latest lockdown, we can assist in mapping out a roadmap for a return to successful trading. We have identified a number of workplace-related legal issues your business ought to be thinking about now in order to help you safely navigate the stormy waters presented by COVID-19, ensuring your business’s survival in spite of the pandemic.

BLM COVID Assist is a virtual team to work side-by-side with businesses which have been impacted by the global coronavirus outbreak, providing practical advice on the legal challenges arising as a consequence of the pandemic and lockdowns, as well as suggesting future strategies to minimise further impact and adopt revised operating models.

Our dedicated team of specialist employment, commercial, property and data protection lawyers act for a large number of business owners and managers and so we are sensitive to the issues that UK companies are currently facing as a result of the pandemic. 

Now more than ever we are here to support you and your business, through the final stages of lockdown to emerge from the pandemic onto the ‘new normal’ for your future organisation.

BLM COVID Assist provides you with prompt access to:

  • A team of experts with specific experience in supporting clients with COVID-related business concerns.
  • Identification of the best strategies to deal with COVID-related issues in the most cost-effective way possible.
  • Support for businesses in navigating a wide range of HR issues arising directly or indirectly from COVID.
  • Identification of fraud risks and behavioural trends resulting from the pandemic.

Should you find your business having to adopt alternative business strategies, we are here to support you in this extremely challenging period.  The precise nature and impact of COVID-19 on your business may yet be unclear, however, should you find your business having to adopt alternative business strategies, we are here for you during this extremely challenging period.

As such, our employment team is offering a free one hour telephone call or video conference to talk you through the HR, employment and health and safety steps you need to be thinking about now to ensure your business is prepared for life after lockdown.

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Our specialist employment lawyers are currently working with employers across the UK with matters arising from COVID-19. With the roll-out of the vaccination programme now in full swing, and the route out of lockdown now mapped out by the Government, there is now light at the end of the tunnel which in turn raises a number of significant COVID-related employment challenges that employers need to meet

Health & Safety in the workplace

Businesses should start planning health and safety changes now, re-imagining workspaces with COVID-19 at the fore.360 degree risk assessments of the work place should be taking place now as lockdown restrictions start to ease.

Fraud and exaggeration

If your business accessed one of the HMRC-administered coronavirus relief schemes and finds itself the focus of an investigation into its misuse, it’s essential that your payment data and PAYE records are completely up-to-date and checks are made that your applications were submitted properly, even where an investigation uncovers inadvertent fraud. We have the experts to guide you through an investigation covering Job Retention Scheme, Job Retention Scheme, Self-Employment Income Support Scheme, Statutory Sick Pay support for employers and ‘Eat Out To Help Out’ Scheme.

Commercial disputes

The impact of COVID-19 will no doubt prompt a review of your supply chain, their performance during the pandemic and whether current arrangements are now fit for purpose.When reviewing performance by your suppliers during lockdown you will want to consider any non-performance, delayed performance or cancellations and their root causes.

Corporate/ Commercial

COVID-19 may have forced your organisation to rethink its business structures and how you can continue to grow in future. Our specialist corporate and commercial lawyers can help explore the options available, including acquisition or disposal of companies or key assets, group restructures and reviews of corporate constitutional documents.


Whether you are a company director or a creditor, our specialist team is helping clients on various insolvency issues arising out of COVID.

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