BLM COVID Assist provides a virtual team to work side-by-side with businesses and individuals that have been impacted by the global coronavirus outbreak, and their insurers. Government COVID-19 guidance has evolved over time and has changed frequently with the advice varying from region to region. Our multi-discipline, cross-jurisdictional COVID Assist team provides practical advice on the legal challenges arising as a consequence of the pandemic and lockdowns, as well as suggesting future strategies to minimise further impact and adopt revised operating models. The precise nature and impact of COVID-19 on UK businesses is as yet unclear. However, we envisage claims will arise and business operating models and procedures will need to adapt as a result.

Our dedicated team of specialist employment, commercial, healthcare, property and data protection lawyers act for a large number of owners and managers of businesses and healthcare professionals seriously affected by the pandemic, including those in health and social care, retail, leisure and hospitality. We also have significant experience of working with our insurer clients to support their customers who, due to COVID-19 have found themselves facing regulatory breaches, injury claims or allegations against directors. We are therefore sensitive to the issues our clients currently face as a result of the pandemic.

Now more than ever we are here to support you and your business through the final stages of lockdown, and navigate your organisation’s emergence from the pandemic


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