Client views

Our clients are very important to us. Our purpose is to make their business lives better and have a positive impact upon them. We want to ensure we are responding to and anticipating our clients’ business, legal and strategic needs. 

We believe it is only through directly speaking with our clients that we are able to strengthen what we do. 

We launched our Client Insight programme to assist us in gaining an independent view of what our clients really think of us, with the aim of building a better understanding of their perceptions of the firm, and their needs and requirements for now and in the future. 

Our current satisfaction score is 8.5/10. Furthermore, 90% of our clients rate their relationship with us as excellent or very good. Indeed, 85% of them tell us it is very likely they will be a client of BLM in two years’ time. 

What next?

Having listened to our clients and taken their views very seriously we will be implementing a number of important and focused initiatives. The report outlining what our client said and the actions we are taking can be viewed here. We will be focusing upon, amongst other things:

  • Innovation in technology

  • Interpretation of management information

  • Efficiency of case management

If you have any queries relating to the Clients Insight programme at BLM please contact us.


Mike Brown, Partner, who led the Client Insight programme, and who works with partners and clients from across the UK and Ireland said:

"My view is that as lawyers we need to improve our listening skills. We need to do our research and compile our own case studies of our clients. We need to be open to the possibility that sometimes we do not have a complete grasp of what our clients actually need until we have listened carefully to what they have to say. Then the only thing worse than not taking feedback from our clients is not acting upon it. We are now implementing a number of actions based upon the insights of our clients. I want to thank all of them for their cooperation, support and frankness."